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original art by Sheldon Skillie

It's Been A Spell

....since I've posted in this blog. I have set up a website showcasing more recent works, and I seem to update that site more frequently. I will be posting more here, but not as much as on my site, which is:
I've more recent works to add to that site, which I will be starting on today.
Thank you for your patience, and thank you for visiting my blog.

May - 2010

Quick Rendering Of A Vibrant Visceral Scene - Prismacolor marker on cotton - Sheldon Skillie - 2010

May - 2010

Procession Of The People - Prismacolor on cotton - 9" x 12" - Sheldon Skillie - 2010

About Me

The greatest invention, the wheel? I certainly couldn't imagine skating or bicycling without one, so, I'm grateful for it and pay tribute to its rolling motion as much as I can. To the left is my friend Chris skating the Tigard park. l tend to hit it up early, as to not annoy the young rippers with my non ripping ways. Seriously, the kids nowadays KILL IT! These bikes are my wife and I's main mode of transpo. Reliable lugged frame beauties.

April's First Thursday, 2009, at Anka Gallery, Portland, Oregon

My pieces in this show, at this fine gallery, focused on my adaptation of formline style to graffiti immediacy. I wanted to translate what I was doing with fat markers into the refinements of the northern formline conventions.

Space, time

These reflect the fusion in my earlier works that combine formline with my even earlier floral/abstract style. Ink on paper, 2005-ish, these are about page size.

Corpus Callosum

This is a digital extrapolation of my earlier ink on paper drawing "Punctuated Equillibrium". I've always wanted to experiment with negativizing my work to see how my negative formline would actually translate. Also, I wanted to explore my abstract, visceral imagery as a "split image", where I can achieve perfect symmetry through digital imaging. The results for me were complimentary to the psychedelic nature of formline that I can't help but expound upon.

About Me

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Portland, Oregon, United States
I am a Haida/Lakota artist currently working in ink on paper, acrylics on canvas and paper, argillite carving, and wood relief carving. I have been drawing all my life, have studied art briefly in college, and have apprenticed under professional native Alaskan artists Norman Jackson(Tlingit) and Don Varnell(Haida). Influences on my current works vary widely, incorporating ballet-like movements taken from skateboarding, the curvilnear sculptural lines found in northwest skateparks, the distorted waveform of my favorite modern rock/jazz/punk music, of course contemporary pop art, and the refinement found in traditional northern northwest coast native art, especially Haida and Tlingit art. I was born in Mountain View, California, grew up between Seattle, Washington, and Ketchikan Alaska, eventually settling in beautiful Portland, Oregon.