original art by Sheldon Skillie


' Joyride' was the title of a group show in Ketchikan, Alaska, of contemporary native Alaskan artists. These two pieces of mine were featured showcasing my then formative style. They're both india ink on 1oo% cotton rag paper and are between 15 and 30 inches wide.


jo said...

pretty sweet. i dig the style...

Anonymous said...

... cool stuff

Keep up the hard work - no one else will do it

Best of luck

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I am a Haida/Lakota artist currently working in ink on paper, acrylics on canvas and paper, argillite carving, and wood relief carving. I have been drawing all my life, have studied art briefly in college, and have apprenticed under professional native Alaskan artists Norman Jackson(Tlingit) and Don Varnell(Haida). Influences on my current works vary widely, incorporating ballet-like movements taken from skateboarding, the curvilnear sculptural lines found in northwest skateparks, the distorted waveform of my favorite modern rock/jazz/punk music, of course contemporary pop art, and the refinement found in traditional northern northwest coast native art, especially Haida and Tlingit art. I was born in Mountain View, California, grew up between Seattle, Washington, and Ketchikan Alaska, eventually settling in beautiful Portland, Oregon.